Changing the Connections Admin user in a CCM enabled Connections installation

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While migrating a Connections environment side-by-side I had the challenge to also change the connectionsAdmin and filenetAdmin alias user. In this blog post, I will describe the necessary steps to successfully switch the admin alias to another user. This post will be focused on the Filenet/CCM part. Doing those changes without side-by-side migration will need some more steps which I will not describe in this post.

As I already mentioned above I did this change as part of a side-by-side migration. Therefore I already installed the new environment with the new connectionsAdmin/filenetAdmin alias user. After successfully migrating all data I realized that I was not able to download existing Library files as well as create new Libraries. Accessing the Library files and also using the Viewer worked without any issues.

Below you will find the steps which are needed to finalize your migration:

Changing Bootstrap user

As part of the side-by-side migration, you need to migrate the encryption keys. But this task does not only migrate the encryption keys which are needed for the database access. It will also copy the old filenetAdmin references into your new Deployment. Therefore you need to redefine that Information using the FileNet Configuration Manager.

  1. Launch the FileNet Configuration Manager (<cnx_root>/FileNet/ContentEngine/tools/configure/
  2. Load the profile using the Files – Open profile menu (<cnx_root>/FileNet/ContentEngine/tools/configure/profiles/CCM/CCM.cfgp)
  3. Define your WAS credentials in the settings and open the “Configure Bootstrap Properties and Text Extraction” task
  4. Select “Change existing” as Bootstrap operation and insert the new filenetAdmin alias user and password
  5. Safe and Run the task
  6. Redeploy the updated Ear using ISC or the “Deploy Application” tasks (Second one will need a Deployment Manager running on Java 1.6. FileNet will not start successfully after a Deployment with Java 1.8!).

Authorizing the new user

After changing the Bootstrap users you will need to authorize the new user to allow access to your ObjectStore, Teamspaces, folders and files. This can be done using the Security Script Wizard. You will need to do this task with your old filenetAdmin alias user!

  1. Launch the ACCE console and navigate to the ObjectStore
  2. Start the Security Script Wizard by clicking on “Run Security Script Wizard” in the Actions menu
  3. Download and unzip the sample files
  4. Customize the UpdateOSSecurity.json file: Change the value of InheritableDepth from 0 to -1 for all properties within the “Object Store Administrators” section
  5. Click through the Wizard and add your new filenetAdmin user as “ObjectStore Administrator”

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