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With Connections 5 CR2 you are able to use roundtrip editing for CCM files using Windows Desktop Plugin. In some of my environments there were problems with this new feature. Most of them are old upgraded 4.0 or 4.5 envorinments.

You are able to reproduce this problem by running through following steps:

  1. Open a file in Office using the new “edit” function
  2. After editing the file just close Office or use the check-in button in the Connections Ribbon
  3. Office will display the following error: “The local changes for <document> could not be uploaded. The file is already checked out by <user>.”

Alternatively just hover over a username in the CCM Community Widget. The error “A profile does not exist for this person” will be displayed instead of the Connections Business Card.

In previous versions (until 4.5 CR2 ) CCM used VMM to access user information. In the later versions this was changed to the Connections internal provider. In some environment this configuration change was not adjusted within the update process. 

You can fix this issue using a tool called “gcdutil”. Please open a PMR to get it (or give me a short call). This enables you to reconfigure the FileNet Engine security configuration.

How to use it?

  1. Configure with the right JDBC credentials and your Engine-ws.ear (<ConnectionsRoot>/addons/ccm/ContentEngine/tools/configure/profiles/CCM/ear/Engine-ws.ear)
  2. Stop FileNet Engine Application
  3. Export/set JAVA_HOME
  4. Call “rungcdutil export
  5. Reconfigure exported gnd.<n>.xml file
  6. Call “rungcdutil import -f gnd.<n>.xml
  7. Start FileNet Engine Application

Customized gnd.<n>.xml:

<object flags=”16″ ObjectTypeName=”CmDirectoryConfigurationVMM”>
<object flags=”16″ ObjectTypeName=”CmDirectoryConfigurationConnections”>
<attribute id=”500004″ name=”TimeModified” flags=”0″>
<value type=”5″ date=”2014-06-05 18:04:49.646″/>
<attribute id=”300239″ name=”DirectoryServerPort” flags=”0″>
<value type=”6″ int=”389″/>
<attribute id=”10006″ name=”DisplayName” flags=”0″>
<value type=”1″ string=”IBM Virtual Member Manager”/>
<value type=”1″ string=”IBM Connections Directory Service”/>
<attribute id=”500002″ name=”Epoch” flags=”0″>
<value type=”3″ long=”1″/>
<attribute id=”500003″ name=”TimeCreated” flags=”0″>
<value type=”5″ date=”2014-06-05 18:04:49.646″/>
<attribute id=”300256″ name=”IsSSLEnabled” flags=”0″>
<value type=”6″ int=”0″/>
<attribute id=”200003″ name=”ObjectType” flags=”0″>
<value type=”4″ id=”{33C6DA2D-DE97-4113-89E9-6CE4C481C149}”/>
<value type=”4″ id=”{DA8F4651-943F-45E9-BCDC-CF6BE09D8101}”/>
<attribute id=”500001″ name=”ObjectId” flags=”0″>
<value type=”4″ id=”{923018C4-1CC3-4B63-83B1-7E7B0730A5CF}”/>
<attribute id=”300240″ name=”DirectoryServerProviderClass” flags=”0″>
<value type=”1″ string=””/>
<value type=”1″ string=””/>
<attribute id=”500005″ name=”CreatedBy” flags=”0″/>
<attribute id=”300241″ name=”DirectoryServerType” flags=”0″>
<value type=”1″ string=”VMM”/>
<value type=”1″ string=”CONNECTIONS”/>
<attribute id=”300408″ name=”RestrictMembershipToConfiguredRealms” flags=”0″>
<value type=”6″ int=”0″/>
<attribute id=”500006″ name=”ModifiedBy” flags=”0″/>

After this change the roundtrip editing should work as expected. 


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