Customize logrotate within TDISOL

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The default logging setting within TDISOL are configured to recreate the ibmdi.log every time sync_all_dns runs.

Example: If your sync_all_dns.bat/sh runs every two hours you are able to look into the logs until the next run (two hours later). After this all output will be overridden.

You are able to change this behaviour to get access to older ibmdi.log files. You only need to customize some setting in the which you find in /tdi/etc/.

Some useful settings to configure this:

log4j.appender.Default.Append=false (be careful using this on!)
log4j.appender.Default=org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender (or DailyRollingFileAppender)
log4j.appender.Default.DatePattern=’.’yyyy-MM-dd (with DailyRollingFileAppender)

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