Installalling FEB using a non-Root IBM Installation Manager

In some cases you need to install FEB (Forms Experience Builder) into a WebSphere environment which is running as a non-Root user (for security reasons).

In this cases Installation Manager is installed using the user-based (non-Root) installation which is not supported for FEB and some other applications.

It is possible to switch the installation mode by customize following files:


Change -accessRights from “nonAdmin” to “Admin”


Change “property name=’accessRights’ value=’nonAdmin’/>”  to “property name=’accessRights’ value=’admin’/>”

After this you only need to copy the InstallationManager.dat from the installation user to the root home directory. You will find this file in <userHome>/etc/.ibm/registry/.

Now you are able to install FEB using the root user or using “su -c”.

If you use a non-Root WebSphere installation you need to “chmod” the FEB Installation and FEB Appserver directory after installation is finished.

2 thoughts on “Installalling FEB using a non-Root IBM Installation Manager”

  1. Nico,

    Don’t think this is the right approach !

    You can alter the InstellationRegistry of FEB also to make it support a non-root installation. I think thats the right approach.

    1. Hi Sjaak,
      thanks for your Feedback. This solution was a one time fix. I never needed it after blogging this post. In case I will need this in the future I will try your solution. Thx for this!

      Greets Nico

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