Error “lsrsrc-api 2610-413” while using lssam command (DB2 10.5 HADR)

Last week I had an issue with a customer while using the lssam command in their DB2 10.5 HADR environment. After executing the command on one node, we got the following error message:

(lsrsrc-api) 2610-413 While attempting to enumerate resources for this command an enumerate error was detected.
(lsrsrc-api) 2645-000 Operation failed due to error 12 returned from sr_select.
lssam: An unexpected RMC error occurred.The RMC return code was 1.

After some research we found out that the error was related to the deployed RSCT (Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology) version which has some compatibility problems with the deployed TSAMP (Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms) version Those versions will be deployed when using the DB2 setup wizard. Some more information about the issue itself are provided in this Technote.

This issue is fixed with RSCT or later (download here). Alternatively update to DB2 10.5 FP8 which is using a newer version of TSAMP and RSCT.

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