CCM CR2 Upgrade: “The Deploy Application task has one or more blank passwords”

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While updating an IBM Connections 5.5 environment to 5.5 CR2 I had an issue with the CCM (Connections Content Manager) upgrade scripts. The installation routine did not output any clear error message. After some research I found following output in the “fn-ce-update.log”:

"/opt/IBM/Connections/FileNet/ContentEngine/tools/configure/configmgr_cl" execute -task deployapplication -profile CCM
The Deploy Application task has one or more blank passwords:
Application server administrator password

I realised later, that the problem was indicated by following output summary, which is displayed directly after the beginning of the installation:

installing FileNet CPE Fixpack /install/cr2/ ...
updating WAS Admin Username...
Total number of processed: 1
updating WAS Admin Password...
Total number of processed: 0

To fix this issue, you need to customize the “applicationserver.xml” which is located in “/FileNet/ContentEngine/tools/configure/profiles/CCM”. Here you need to define the administrator password in the “ApplicationServerAdminPassword” property:


After adding the password, you need to rerun the upgrade script.

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