ComponentPack Docker storage driver configuration

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With ComponentPack IBM changed the Docker driver from overlay to devicemapper. Which is a good thing because there were some issues before (more information). But please be aware that you shouldn’t use the default settings in a production environment!

Why? The default installation uses loop-lvm with the devicemapper storage driver. Loop-lvm is much easier to configure and does not need any special requirements. But it’s also not supported in production environments! Because it’s slow and resource-intensive (more information on loop-lvm).

I recommend using the –docker_storage_block_device flag which is part of the script. The flag can be used to define a physical device which then will be used and configured for devicemapper.

If you would like to be more flexible you can still use the –skip_docker_deployment flag to install and configure Docker on your own before starting the installation. Be sure to use the supported Docker version. I blogged about those steps earlier.

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