GitLab CI pipeline with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS)

Last week I worked with GitLab CI (which I used to build, test and deploy) and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service aka IKS (where I deployed to). I used the GitLab Kubernetes Runner to integrate my GitLab CI pipeline with my IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Cluster. Unfortunately, there were some difficulties to integrate both. In this post, I will provide the needed information to deploy the GitLab Kubernetes Runner successfully as well as your applications using your CI/CD pipeline.

Configure IKS Cluster

First of all, you need to create a namespace with will be used to store all GitLab CI related resources: Continue reading “GitLab CI pipeline with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS)”

Docker Meetup Rosenheim

I have launched a new Docker Meetup in my hometown Rosenheim. I know, not every one of you living near to Rosenheim. But those of you who are I want to invite to our first Meetup in September.

About the September Meetup

We will meet on September 20 at 6 pm at x-root Software GmbH, Theodor-Gietl-Str. 15, 83026 Rosenheim.

We will have two speakers talking about Docker-related topics:

Introduction to Docker (Tobias Jonas, innFactory GmbH)
Kubernetes und Docker-Container haben sich mittlerweile in der Cloud-native Welt durchgesetzt. Viele Microservice Architekturen, aber auch herkömmliche monolithische Architekturen, nutzen Docker als Basis. Wie Docker funktioniert, was Docker von klassischer Virtualisierung unterscheidet, wo es herkommt und welche Vorteile für Entwickler durch Docker entstehen, behandelt dieser Talk.

Von der virtuellen Maschine zum Container-Netzwerk mit docker-compose (David Steinkopff, x-root Software GmbH)
Für Entwickler/Administratoren sind virtuelle Maschinen ein gutes Mittel um die Laufzeitumgebung von Software zu transportabel zu modellieren und zu isolieren. Doch dies hat einen Preis in Form von benötigten Hardware-Ressourcen und der Komplezität diese Maschinen zu verwalten. Docker bietet out-of-the-box mit docker-compose ein Werkzeug mit dem Container definiert und orchestriert werden können. In diesem Vortrag wird an Hand einer realen Geschichte die Transition von virtuellen Maschinen hin zu Docker mit docker-compose beschrieben, Begriffe erklärt und Vor- und Nachteile erläutert werden. Continue reading “Docker Meetup Rosenheim”

Secure private Docker Registry

Last week I had the use case to deploy a private Docker Registry in a Cloud environment. One prerequisite was that the Images should be available for everyone (pull) but pushing Images should be secured by a password authentication. It was decided to host the Registry on Azure using the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) beside some other services. In this post, I will provide an overview how to deploy a Docker Registry in AKS.  Continue reading “Secure private Docker Registry”

IBM Cloud private, Microclimate, Cloud Garage, Twelve-Factor App, DevOps, …

After one week in Las Vegas where I attended IBM Think 2018 I’m finally back home in my regular daily routine. It was a great time! Meeting friends and customers, attending IBM and Community sessions as well as giving my own talk.

Beside my IBM Collaboration Solution topics my mate Stoeps and I used much of our time to learn about new tools, methods as well as dig deeper into them. Mostly related to Microservices, Docker and DevOps. We talked with many IBMers, attended Keynotes and talks about these topics.

devops Continue reading “IBM Cloud private, Microclimate, Cloud Garage, Twelve-Factor App, DevOps, …”