Social Connections 13: Troubleshooting Connections PINK

I was able to talk about IBM Connections PINK Troubleshooting at Social Connections 13 in Philly today. You will find my slides on Slideshare.

I will be hosting a webinar on May 17. You are welcome to attend to see this session again. You will find more information here.

IBM Think 2018: IBM Connections Troubleshooting

I was privileged to speak at the IBM Think in Las Vegas today. In my session, I talked about IBM Connections Troubleshooting and mainly focused on the IBM Connections PINK topics.

In case you missed it:
We are planning to provide a webinar version of this session too. Stay tuned.

Social Connections 12: IBM Connections Adminblast

Thanks to the Social Connections team for another great event. In my session “IBM Connections Adminblast” my mate Stoeps and I provided more than 50 useful tips and tricks around IBM Connections. Check the slides below:

AdminCamp 2017

Thanks to Rudi for another wonderful Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. Below you will find my slides on the topics “IBM Connections Adminblast” and “IBM Connections Troubleshooting”. They are also available on Slideshare.

Social Connections 11: All you need to know about Orient Me

In my second presentation, I was talking about how you can install Orient Me in your environment based on the needed installation steps and many useful tips & tricks:

Social Connections 11: Two wrongs don’t make a right – Troubleshooting Connections

Thanks to Terri Warren who co presented our session “Two wrongs don’t make a right – Troubleshooting Connections” with me.  You will find our slides below:

Connect 17: IBM Connections Adminblast

This year I talked with my colleague Christoph Stoettner about Connections Tips and Tricks. You will find the slides below.

The whole presentation can be downloaded here.

FYI: panagenda will hold an “IBM Connect 2017 Virtual Edition” where you will be able to listen to all our sessions in case you missed some of them. Feel free to register here.

AdminCamp 2016

I attended AdminCamp 2016 this week where I talked about Connections Troubleshooting. I also did a hands-on session about DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery. Thank to Rudi for those great days! Continue reading “AdminCamp 2016”

Sessions @ Social Connections 10

After some great days in Toronto I would like to share my presentations from Social Connection 10. Both of them were a co-work with my colleague Stoeps aka Christoph Stoettner.