Changing the Connections Admin user in a CCM enabled Connections installation

While migrating a Connections environment side-by-side I had the challenge to also change the connectionsAdmin and filenetAdmin alias user. In this blog post, I will describe the necessary steps to successfully switch the admin alias to another user. This post will be focused on the Filenet/CCM part. Continue reading “Changing the Connections Admin user in a CCM enabled Connections installation”

Deployment tips for Orient Me, Metrics & Customizer (ComponentPack

Last week IBM released ComponentPack which includes an updated Orient Me version, the new Elasticsearch based Metrics as well as the Connections Customizer. In this post, I would like to share some of the stuff I learned in my first installations and updates. Continue reading “Deployment tips for Orient Me, Metrics & Customizer (ComponentPack”

Social Connections

I’m happy to announce that I joined the Social Connections team last week! Besides my work as Consultant at panagenda, I will now support the awesome #soccnx to organize great future events!

Some words on #soccnx: Social Connections is an international IBM Connections and social business user group. We meet twice a year and since 2015, we have been splitting the events between Europe and North America. Our conferences are 2-day events filled with keynote sessions, quality speakers, captivating break out sessions, lots of IBM Champions, a Gala night with extra specials were socializing is the focus, speed sponsoring and of course lots of networking! We have a strong focus on Social Collaboration technologies (Enterprise Social Networks) as well as on the implementation and adoption processes. The events are aimed at both existing and prospective customers and partners, and at individuals with both business and technical perspectives.

ComponentPack Docker storage driver configuration

With ComponentPack IBM changed the Docker driver from overlay to devicemapper. Which is a good thing because there were some issues before (more information). But please be aware that you shouldn’t use the default settings in a production environment!

Why? Continue reading “ComponentPack Docker storage driver configuration”

IBM Connections Adminblast: Slides & Video

IBM Connections Adminblast was introduced by Christoph Stoettner and me at Connect 17 in San Francisco earlier this year. Since then, we’ve been giving more Adminblast sessions on many other conferences. All of them had been updated versions with plenty of new stuff in it:

Did you attend one of them? Cool, but be sure to check out the latest version! If not, you have now the possibility to replay my new webinar version. Anytime, Anywhere. :)

Social Connections 12: IBM Connections Adminblast

Thanks to the Social Connections team for another great event. In my session “IBM Connections Adminblast” my mate Stoeps and I provided more than 50 useful tips and tricks around IBM Connections. Check the slides below:

AdminCamp 2017

Thanks to Rudi for another wonderful Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. Below you will find my slides on the topics “IBM Connections Adminblast” and “IBM Connections Troubleshooting”. They are also available on Slideshare.

Orient Me & CfC LDAP authentication

In many companies, it’s a requirement to only allow administrative access using a personalized user account. Therefore I thought it might be helpful to be able to configure the LDAP authentication with CfC. For CfC this is possible out of the box but because Orient Me isn’t using the default deployment path of CfC you need to do some customizing to get this working: Continue reading “Orient Me & CfC LDAP authentication”

Orient Me: Rethink your Docker storage driver configuration

I did some research around Docker storage drivers, CfC and Orient Me the last days because I had some issues in different Orient Me installations. Finally, I came to the conclusion that the Docker storage driver configuration which is installed by the Orient Me setup might need to be customized for a production environment. Continue reading “Orient Me: Rethink your Docker storage driver configuration”

Urgent fix for IBM Cloud private 1.2 & IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers 1.1

As of today, all IBM Cloud private 1.2 & IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers 1.1 environments stopped working because of an expired certificate. Because Orient Me is based on CfC 1.1 all Orient Me installations are affected too.

Below a list of the known issues: Continue reading “Urgent fix for IBM Cloud private 1.2 & IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers 1.1”