Changing the Connections Admin user in a CCM enabled Connections installation

While migrating a Connections environment side-by-side I had the challenge to also change the connectionsAdmin and filenetAdmin alias user. In this blog post, I will describe the necessary steps to successfully switch the admin alias to another user. This post will be focused on the Filenet/CCM part. Continue reading “Changing the Connections Admin user in a CCM enabled Connections installation”

Using TLS 1.2 only configuration with IBM Connections 5.5

IBM released the “How to Force IBM Connections 5.5 CR1 to Use TLSv1.2” (the Technote was removed, you will now find it here) Technote about 4 months ago. Around this time, I started trying to get a full-blown Connections environment working with TLS 1.2 only configuration. Mainly because of an issue with the RTE widget (See Ben’s blog post for more information). Unfortunately, some other stuff wasn’t working as expected. After some analysis, we decided to create a handful PMRs. Ben posted a second blog post with some more details about the issues. In this post, I would like to provide an update and some more information about the problems and possible solutions. Continue reading “Using TLS 1.2 only configuration with IBM Connections 5.5”

Debugging FileNet Issues without using ACCE

In some cases, it is not possible to debug your FileNet environment using the debugging configuration in the ACCE UI. Therefore, IBM added another way for setting debugging configuration. To enable this, you should run through the following steps: Continue reading “Debugging FileNet Issues without using ACCE”

CCM: Roundtrip editing not working

With Connections 5 CR2 you are able to use roundtrip editing for CCM files using Windows Desktop Plugin. In some of my environments there were problems with this new feature. Most of them are old upgraded 4.0 or 4.5 envorinments.

You are able to reproduce this problem by running through following steps: Continue reading “CCM: Roundtrip editing not working”

New posts will follow soon

After a long silence new posts will be available the next days. I had no time to complete all my drafts of the last months. But some of them will follow soon. They will cover Connections, CCM and FileNet. After this I will try to finish some guidelines for DB2 HADR and Connections Plugin rollout.

Stay tuned!