IBM Connections PINK Troubleshooting Webinar Replay

I held a webinar version of my talk “IBM Connections Troubleshooting” from Social Connections 13 last week. The webinar was provided by panagenda and the replay is available here.

IBM Think 2018: IBM Connections Troubleshooting

I was privileged to speak at the IBM Think in Las Vegas today. In my session, I talked about IBM Connections Troubleshooting and mainly focused on the IBM Connections PINK topics.

In case you missed it:
We are planning to provide a webinar version of this session too. Stay tuned.

Social Connections 11: Two wrongs don’t make a right – Troubleshooting Connections

Thanks to Terri Warren who co presented our session “Two wrongs don’t make a right – Troubleshooting Connections” with me.  You will find our slides below: